A gift with a difference ‘Wherever you are in the world, you could own your very own little piece of Crete’

Did you know that the Olive Tree is one of the most symbolic plants on earth? And ,heavily linked to Greek mythology. According to legend the Olympic games began when Hercules brought a wild Olive tree from Crete and planted it at Olympia. Winners of the games were awarded with a crown made of olive leaves and a small pot of olive oil.

You could give a friend, loved one or even treat yourself to the gift of a lifetime by fostering one of our Olive Trees, a one off payment for a 12 month period will make your Olive Tree the gift that will keep on giving…

adoption package

includes: a history of your Olive Tree

As soon as you place your order you will receive your first delivery.

You will receive 2 x 500ml Agno first cold press Olive Oil, along with your certificate, a history of your Olive Tree, and a picture of the family grove.

In addition you will receive gift jar of Agno 100% honey and Cretan olives.

Spring delivery

As soon as we have completed the winter harvest we will send you a further 500ml bottle of the family first cold press Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Autumn delivery

Completing your years installment we will send you your final 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

visit the groove

Your tree is from one of Crete’s most stunning Groves, on the idyllic hillside in Krista, you won’t be disappointed by the breathtaking views. We welcome you to the Grove to visit your tree.

Throughout the year your tree will evolve – first blossoming with fragrant white flowers followed by edible green Olives ripening to black, you can help us nurture it or even pick some olives from it!

Why not tie a ribbon to your tree to remind you of your visit in years to come…