Work hard, play hard, strike oil…

Let us introduce to you a team building retreat like no other. Are you tired of the boardroom strategy exercises, the country hotels with bland corporate training rooms…well then Crete O’live is the place for you. This is an affordable opportunity for the team to bond away from the corporate world, a place to build real, effective relationships and if you wish to include business during the event, your corporate strategies. Whether the emphasis is on building strong team working skills, improving communication or creating future strategy, this offers it all, with bespoke packages that are tailored to your individual needs.

Crete has an undeniable community spirit that you can’t help but feel a part of through the local communities friendly and welcoming disposition. For them being Greek is not just a nationality, it’s a culture something to feel proud of and a real sense belonging, the kind of ethos any company would like their employees to adopt.

Here at Crete O’live we are experienced in providing tailor made packages to suit any organizations needs from building lasting relationships to taking your strategies to the next level. You can plan your event to last 3-5 days according to the focus and main purpose of the retreat. Below in an example of an all-inclusive package. Or just contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

the Crete O’live team building package

day 1 PM – School Sports Day - Nostalgic fun for all the team

All food and refreshments throughout the trip are all inclusive; you will have a dedicated chief on hand at the villa and your very own retreat facilitator.

Day 1 AM

Building your corporate strategy –
Let’s get the important stuff out of the way

You can let us know how you would like the day to be set up, the villa’s are equipped with presentation facilities, with a large seating area and projector screen. Tea breaks and lunch are provided.

Day 1 PM

School Sports Day –
Nostalgic fun for all the team
Bringing the team together for some good hearted physical fun! With all the traditional races egg and spoon, sack race and hula hoop race, with a tug of war tie breaker. If you have members of your team who are physically unable to participate in the races there are plenty of other ways for them to be actively involved in this event such as umpire or facilitator.Why not get your sports day team working together before the trip and ask the team to source kits, these could be good old fashioned gym kits or colour coordinated, we are happy to make some suggestions for you or let you decide.Our facilitator will then take you into town for some fine traditional Greek dining at one of the islands family run restaurantThe prefect icebreaker to get everyone laughing, but most importantly, working together.

Day 2

Olive Picking –
An ideal opportunity to get people working together
Time for your team to show their entrepreneurial skills – Apprentice style.Split your wider team into sub groups with a nominated team leader (you can choose the leader or let the teams decide), the objective will be to pick as many olives as possible in 3 hours (lunch and refreshments will be provided).Get your teams working together before the trip to create a brand of Olive Oil, you can even get them to make some labels, and each team can do a brief pitch on the day which will be judged by the farmers at the Grove.This is a chance for you to assess your teams working relationships. This task requires strong leadership, constant communication and the ability for them to think on their feet and react/adapt to the environment around them. A measurable task for you to use in individuals personal development plans.After a rest back at the villas our facilitator will take you in to town to one of the islands finest fish restaurants (all dietary requirements catered for).

Day 3

Raki Making – A relaxed day for the whole team to bond together

Raki is traditional Greek liquor made from the skins of grapes. After a late breakfast the team are invited to the village of Kritsa where they will have the opportunity to visit an ancient Greek church. Then onto the Raki distillery, the team will be able to relax, chat and eat together whilst watching the Raki making process unfold before them. Local women  cook traditional Cretan dishes to accompany the BBQ (just for the afternoon and for those that like to really enjoy themselves – into the evening).

And of course each team member will be gifted a bottle of Agno Olive Oil and a jar of Agno Greek Honey.

Crete O’live brings your team together for a few days away from the stress of the office and family lives, letting them get to know one another as individuals in a relaxed environment. Understanding your colleagues as a person helps you to understand certain traits they may have as a professional. Helping your team to develop relationships based on understandings rather than perceptions and gain perspective on how best to work together. The outdoor activities in a picturesque environment will boost team morale, you’re investing in their relationships with one and other and their personal development and in return they’ll invest in you.

holiday getaways

Crete O’live has now introduced Holiday getaways. This was a result of overwhelming requests from those visiting our team building retreats. Our experienced team can tailor make your visit, planning every detail allowing you to just relax and have fun! For further information contact us.

Crete O’Live is an ideal destination to just get away from it all, relax in home from home environment and in an area full of culture and authentic Cretan excursions. Mingle with the locals and see what the real Crete has to offer. Whether it is with friends, family, or both, Crete O’live will have you wondering why you had never visited us before…and when you are going to come back!


Sea views, flood lit pools and the Cretan mountains, all within your eye line. Crete O’live proudly works with our local partners to bring you the very best accommodation. We are able to accommodate up to 40 people at any one time, examples of our accommodation can be viewed at Villa Theano and Villa Saint Nicolas. Both are  fully serviced detached villas, conveniently co-located all with ensuite facilities and private pools.

Both villas have fully equipped Kitchens, with fridge, cooker and tea and coffee making and outdoor BBQ facilities. A dedicated chief is on hand at Villa Theano (which is the larger of the two) to cater for the whole team. The fridges will be stocked with refreshments throughout your stay.

A minibus service is available for drop of a pick up’s in town, whether this is for dinner arrangements or free time the picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos is only 5 minutes away.

The cost of accommodation, food, beverages, minibus, drivers, and team events are included within the Crete O’Live all-inclusive package deal.