The Crete O’Live Story

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The Crete O’live Story

Crete O’Live is the company and brainchild of Nikos and Sarah who wanted to be able to share a piece of Crete, now possible via several routes.

1) Adopt an Olive Tree package, means that you can join us and our family of trees and receive some of the great products the Island produces,first cold press Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 100% Honey, just buy some of our 2) Agno Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Honey and extending the Greek hospitality in the form of 3) Team Retreats/friends Getaways.

You can share your own piece of Crete (or your friends and family) in the Adopt an Olive Tree programme …reaping all the benefits – you can foster one of these ancient trees (although yours is likely to be much younger at only half a century) and be on the receiving end of its produce without all of the hard work. What could be better than that?

Our families of Trees and production of Oil involves partnerships between groups of small scale, olive producers in the wider area of the municipality of Agios Nikolaos, with most of the groves in the village of Kritsa. Each of our family of farmers holds full responsibility for their grove, and once picked the olives head to the cooperative. Of vital importance for the Greek economy, it also enables the traditional farming methods, which, quite simply, produce the world’s best olive oil.

The world bee population is thought to be declining. Did you know there is a worldwide shortage of honey? And that most of the honey we normally buy  (and have access to) is blended. Our Bees also live in Crete and are nomadic in the way they live. In fact they move house 5 times during the year, from the mountains to the beach. In this way they get to live with all the flowers, herbs and other natural goodies that results in a rich, pure, dense, full flavoured honey.

Of course you can visit our apiary (but they may not be as friendly as the trees) and we will show you how we after our bees and produce the honey. Alternatively we can just send you the fruits of their labour

The honey we offer is Greek Thyme Honey. Our product is nothing but 100% honey – a rarity as most honey sold today is a mix of ingredients with only approximately 10% honey. Not dissimilar to the olive groves, honey has been produced writing a paper for many centuries on the Island of Crete and is highly prized because of its purity, and depth of flavour.

And last but certainly not least (as this is the fun side) we offer a one off experience. You and your work colleagues/team or you and your family/friends can join us for a Team building event where you can experience all the very best of Cretan life.