The Groove

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The Groove

Our family of trees (for those of you who wish to know we have about 800 Koroneiki trees) are housed in the Kritsa region of Northern Crete.  We are lucky that working in partnerships further extends our family with local artisan farmers, which grows our family to over 2,000 trees.

We all use traditional methods to produce the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our harvesting begins in November through to the end of February/middle of March.

Once hand picked our oil is pressed at the Agricultural Union in Krista, a small village famed for the production of highest quality olive oil, with a philosophy to ‘sacrifice quantity for quality’.  The method used of ‘first cold press’ offers much lower volumes of oil per olive but a much higher do my math homework quality and taste of Oil.  Oil producers can only call Olive Oil “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” if it meets the grade 0.3- 0.8% acidity; Our Olive Oil is always less than 0.3% – a real rarity. Another interesting fact that we think you should know (and we love to boast about our families achievements – who doesn’t?) our Oil was awarded 1st prize for taste by the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil organisation.

We nurture our trees all year long, and we welcome you to come and see how it’s done, if you visit for one of our team building retreats, or friends getaways, we will even let you help out!